On the Airwaves

Listen to them live on their websites or your smart speaker!

Either way, lots of news, music and pride positive fun!

103.9 Proud FM

Lots of great music, shows and contests, this is the music of the Village in Toronto.

Pride Radio Canada

Based out of North Bay Ontario, Pride Radio Canada offers news articles, videos, interviews and a lot of great music to get you through your commute, or dancing around your place!

Pride Radio Orlando

Based in Orlando Florida, Pride Radio Orlando is the Pulse of LGBTQ+ America. With a great mix of older and new music from all your favourites, you have it on in every room. Listen on their website or your smart speaker.

Joy 94.9

A great station from down under. Based in Australia, Joy 94.9 is a not for profit LGBTIQA+ media organization with stories, podcasts, news, and music. They are 14 hours ahead, so when are waking up, they are winding down for their day, but they still play all night!