News Outlets


Wayves is an independent publication, published by a non-profit collective. It exists to inform lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people in Atlantic Canada of the activities of their communities, and to promote those activities and support their aims and objectives. We accept articles from anyone, anywhere.

Pink Triangle Press

The Pink Triangle Press is a Canadian independent organization that specializes in LGBTQ2S+ journalism, television and online media. They were founded in 1971 in Toronto and was incorporated in 1978. They have several brands, including XTRA Magazine, their online magazine covering trans, Queer culture, politics, sex, relationships and health.

Pink News

Pink News was founded in the UK in 2005 and has become an influential leader in LGBTQ media covering world news, politics, education, entertainment, religion, sports, dating, parenting, and more. Pink News has become a global community of people who want to stay informed, inspired, and empowered to be themselves.

The Advocate

The Advocate is an American publication that has current trending news on gay politics, elections, culture, commentary and photography. They also provide free podcasts covering legislation on marriage equality, same-sex adoption and other issues that impact the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation is an online news magazine that covers issues that matter to the community. They have a pro- LGBTQ point of view and they don't shy away from keeping their critical eye on the moment and what is happening!

Out Magazine

Out Magazine is known for its information on Trends, fashion, news, TV & Video. They have a variety of links to other sites and pages too.


What is hot, new and trending in media, television, and music.

The Tyee

The Tyee is a Canadian independent journalism site that "swims against the current." They cover the human side to news stories that often don't make the major news networks.


Autostraddle is a proactive voice and a progressively feminist online community for lesbians, bisexuals and their friends. Since 2009 it has been covering topics on television, arts, pop culture, sex and dating, politics, community and more.

Washington Blade

Washington Blade is an American based new source that covers the LGBT Community since 1969. It publishes articles on politics, opinions, art and entertainment, lifestyle, health and sports.

CBC News

The Canada Broadcasting Corporation is one of Canada's leading news outlets. They also provide local New Brunswick and regional news.

CTV News

CTV News is one of Canada's leading news outlets. They also have an Atlantic website page called ATV.

Global News

Global News is one of the major Canadian media news sites. Here is a link to their New Brunswick news.